About us


We are farmers coming from families where agriculture has been practiced for many generations. We have the aim of improving the fertility of the soil and, therefore, the heritage that our predecessors have left us.


Our personal history has taught us the harder face of conventional agriculture and the agrochemical package that it has developed. This motivates us to look for other ways to treat the land and people. We thus break the vicious circle generated by the great fallacy of the green revolution of the 50s.


Our driving force is devotion to agriculture. We teach an alternative agricultural production system and its practice.


Our goal is to contribute our bit to extend this way of working and thus improve the health of the planet.


Our experience is based on the training received by people like Darren J. Doherty, Allan Savory, David Holmgren as well as time working on organic farms around the world. In our farms we have dedicated to cultivating without the use of agrochemicals, improving the soil without tilling it and providing it with life (microbiology), designing and correctly managing plant covers, designing and working with keyline and planning pastures with holistic management.

Diagnóstico y visión Siembra con Método Organic Managers Darren J.Doherty with Organic Managers Asesoramiento finca orgánica Siembra cubierta vegetal Roller crimper en viña _ vineyard Recogiendo almendras ecológicas _ Harvesting organic almonds Policultivos en Girona Organic walnut Manejo holítico en Menorca Maíz orgánico _ Organic corn keyline with wheat Cubierta vegetal en viña _ Vineyard cover crops almonds tree keyline Organic high density almonds Gestion finca Organic Managers