Organic Management

Invest in the Personalized Advice for your farm.

We apply, in the farms, our methodology of work with social, environmental and economic goals. Together we can create profitable projects of high quality and added value, respectful with the environment and people, linked to the land, the family.


We propose a first meeting with the objective of defining, together with the people involved in the farm, the main objectives of the project. a) People involved and level of decision of each one. b) Economic, social and environmental concerns of each team member. c) Overall objectives in the medium and long term of the project (vision). d) General diagnostics. e) Diagnostics of existing machinery or possible purchase. f) Diagnostics of soils, crops and animals. g) Diagnosis of farm resources. h) Study of existing and future markets and customers. Cost of the service: 120 € / hour + 45 € / hour of travel + Flight or boat tickets not included in the budget.



In order to achieve the objectives expressed in the previous point, a business plan will be performed for the farm, which consists of: a) Productive orientation (adaptation, markets and product choice). b) Forecast of expenses (including the benefits expected by the owner of the farm). c) Forecast of income. Cost of the service: 120 € / hour. * This section will have an approximate duration of between 8 to 15 hours depending on each farm.



A digital design of the farm is performed. a) Design of infrastructures (buildings, irrigation systems, fences, roads ...) b) Design of crops. c) Animal management design. Cost of the service: It is defined according to the previous sections.



A thorough study of the soil is prepared and suitable actions are proposed to improve soil fertility. a) Components of soil fertility (carbon, water, biology and minerals) b) Implementation of a change in the productive system (eliminating the tillage and the application of chemical products) c) Use of the different organic tools that allow improving the soil production and fertility. Cost of the service: It is defined according to the previous sections



We teach the tasks of production and management of the farm, leading the field team. Periodic monitoring is carried out on the main agronomic factors of the project. a) Implantation and management of crops. b) Animal management. c) Advice on the production of products such as wine or oil. d) Environmental management (carbon, energy, water and biodiversity).